Brand-new killer single "DRAMA LIFE" released!!! Check out new VIDEO CLIP!!!

Hi everyone! Finally here is our brand-new single "DRAMA LIFE"! Mastered at FINNVOX STUDIOS (Finland), it brings out the energy and the new Valiance sound! Turn up the volume and play it loud!! Check out the official Drama Life VIDEO CLIP! Stay Rock!


Valiance is coming back!

Hi folk! VALIANCE is coming back... something is going to happen! Stay tuned! Rock on!!!


Pre production And Rehersal

Hello dudes! It's been a long time since we heard last time! First of all, we'd like to thank all of you gave us great support and appreciation... you f@*#kin' rule!!!!!
Well, after playing live @ S-HAMMER METAL FEST 2007 (check some cool images at pictures section) the band had a break just to star again the pre production of the album on October.

So... 8 songs have been quite completed while we're working very hard on other brand new tracks at Dungeon Studio! We really can't wait to let them listen to!!
We're planning a studio diary to keep you informed and completely involved into the band life!

So... stay tuned!!!


S-Hammer Metal Festival 2007!!!

Hi guys! VALIANCE is gonna' come back on stage! Yes! The band has been scheduled for S-HAMMER METAL FEST 2007, performing live on July 20th. The bill is really prestigious, including great bands like: DEATH SS, DESTRUCTION, ANATHEMA, NOVEMBRE, VADER etc etc... you can't miss it! It's gonna' be a real metal blast!! SEE YA' ON STAGE!!!


New Pics On-coming

Stay tuned, guys! We're going to upload some pics from the studio where we're working at pre-production of the album!


Recording vocals started

Hello dudes, we're going to start recording vocals for the pre-production of the album!


Dinamic Recording Studio

Hi... check the links session out... and take a tour through the DINAMIC Recording Studio home page! It's there where we're writing new stuff!


Upcoming 3rd Album

Hi folks! It's been a while since we got in touch last time! We've got so many mails from wherever, asking for news or live gigs! THANKS A LOT, friends!!! Well, we spent all this time writing down all the songs that will be recorded for the upcoming 3rd album! We got brand new songs and they sound so damned cool, believe us! Stay tuned for more!


MySpace band's profile!

Hallo everyone!
Valiance has now a personal profile on MYSPACE.COM!!! We're gonna' add tons of friends! So... what do you wait for?! Just click on the link and join us!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!!


New live pictures added!

Hi guys!
Take a look at the pics section and join some shots about live gig as supporting act for Fire Trails! It's been a real blast and we'd like to thank everyone who came to the show to hail our come back show! Rock on'!!


Songwriting... on and on!

Hi folks!
It's been a long time since we gave you some news!! Well... we spent these weeks writing new songs to include into our 3rd album. It's been a very inspired period for us and we've been able to catch all the wavin' n' rockin' vibes and give them voices and sounds! The work is so damn-cool, guys! We're going to suspend the work for a while... to go on holidays and come back absolutely regenerated, alive and kickin'!!! Have a good time and stay tuned!


Rock Hard (I) CD Compilation

Hello guys! The title track from our latest EP, has been included into LOUD SOUND #41 CD compilation, released by the great Italian magazine ROCK HARD, issue n° 45 (April). Check it out!!!


Australian interview!!!

Hi! We're proud to announce that the interview we made for the great Australian magazine THE METAL FORGE is on line!! It's been a real pleasure to have a talk with those cool guys and we invite you all to visit the site www.themetalforge.com to read what we've been talkin' about! Cheers!
www.themetalforge.com (archived)


Tour Dates Updated

Valiance is coming back in stage! The Band has been scheduled as supporting act of FIRE TRAILS, led by the Italian Metal icon Pino Scotto! The gig will take place @ DUEL BEAT (Agnano-Naples) on APRIL 23 th. We will perform a brand new track that will be included into our upcoming 3rd album!!! It's going to be a real Rock and Roll party!!! More to come!!!!


Wayfaring Review

Hi Guys, another review of Wayfaring as been released by Transilvanian Web-zine MIRGILUS SICULORUM (www.geocities.com/mirgilussiculorum/)!!! Check it out!!


Great review of "Wayfaring", written by a great on line magazine: The Metal Forge from... AUSTRALIA!!

Hi mates! We had a very good review about our 2nd album "Wayfaring" right from the great on line magazine The Metal Forge from the marvellous country named Australia! It's been a while since "Wayfaring" was released, but it' s been a great pleasure and honor for us to read the feelings it brought to the guys of TMF! Take a look at the review and, of course, "take a walk" through the pages of this cool magazine!! More to come!!!


Interview with rockradio (Sweden)

Hello guys! Check out what we talked about with the guys of ROCKRADIO from SWEDEN! Just join the Official website www.rockradio.se or simply click on the link at the MULTIMEDIA PRESS - INTERVIEWS section! Cheers!


Valiance has a new bass player!!

Hi folks! Yes... we found him! It's a pleasure for us to hail and welcome Dario as new Valiance bass player!

Dario has been a great fan of Valiance during these years... getting all our albums, joining us at our live gigs and now he's member of the band. We got in touch with him a couples of weeks ago and started to jam into our rehersal room... well, it seemed to be very cool!

The atmosphere has been so easy and electrifying that , during these jammin' session we wrote a brand new killer track!!! As soon as possible, we'll update our website, including new photo agency, featuring new 5-piece line up and personal profile regarding Dario! So... the RAGETEAM IS BACK!!! Stay tuned for more!!!


Reviews about Feed My Rage

Hi guys... take a look at some reviews about Feed My Rage and a blastin' gig we had, supporting Labyrinth!! More to come...


Happy new year!!!

We wish ya a fuckin' incredible new year!! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!!


Work in progress...

Hi! Tons of riffs had been recorded as pre-production and Sandro (drums) brought us a structure for a very dark, intense acoustic song! Stay tuned!


A brand new killer track

Hi guys! During the auditions, we wrote a brand new killer track which will be included into our upcoming new album! The song came out just jamming togheter... and it sounds LOUD!!! Now, Carmine is gonna workin' on the vocals!


New Valiance member

Hi folks! We got into our rehersal studio where we're meeting some brilliant musicians, searching for the new bass player... maybe in the very next future we could announce the new VALIANCE member!


Line-up changes

After more than a decade standing side by side, along the way of rock, we've got to communicate that Gian Paolo (bass) and Ciro (keys) are no more members of VALIANCE. Due to different needs and different aims, the sad but best solution for both the parts has been taken. We wish all the best to these guys who joined the Valiance experience during these years! VALIANCE will start the auditions to find the new bass player of the band! Stay tuned... we're coming back!


Dear friends

Hi folks! VALIANCE thank all the fans and the audience that supported us at AGGLUTINATION XI° Open Air! We love u!!


XI Agglutination Metal Festival, 13th Agoust '05

Yes, folks... we're in!!! Valiance is gonna play live at AGGLUTINATION XI open air, featuring German power-gods FREDOM CALL and Norwegian black metallers MAYEM! The gig will take place on 13th Agoust '05 at Chiaromonte (PZ)-ITALY and is gonna be very loud!! Rock on


Valiance supporting live Labyrinth

Yeah... that's true!!! We'll take our part to the "Freeman tour ' 05", headlined by the famous Italian band, we got the audience totally crazy!!! We saw the barrier quite crumbling down and the security men busying theirselves to keep the people safe! Incredible!! You guys rock it!!


New songs

Hi guys... the band is gonna finishing a couple of brand new songs... stay tuned!!!


Valiance live at "Mushrooms"

Another live gig... another blast!!! We've been headlining this metal event! Supporting act : FIGHT THE SYSTEM (keep on rocking, friends!!)


Valiance live at "S-Hammer Metal Fest"

Well... it's a very hot day, get burned by a great Metal Fest! ELDRITCH headlining and a many goods bands (RAW POWER, INFERNAL POETRY, ENDORPHINE, METHARIA). We jumped on stage on the sunset... an incredible live set and crazy audience screaming "Valiance... Valiance... Valiance!!!" You fucking rock, guys!!!


Valiance live at "Magna Grecia Metal Fest"

Hi guys... second step of our summer tour! We've played live at Magna Grecia Metal Fest in front of hundreds of metal kids totally went crazy!!! We supported the headliner gig of VISION DIVINE!!!


Valiance live at "Rock In Flames Festival"

Hi folks, the band is gonna start a short (but loud!) summer tour. Well... the journey starts here in Salerno join' the Rock in Flames Metal Festival playing side by side with WHITE SKULL, HEIMDALL and more!!!


Valiance live at "Slovenly"

Great show... Great audience... Great fun!!!!
Support act: Metharia


Valiance presents new video "The Secret"

Taken from the successful second album "Wayfaring"!!!